Robotic Combat Tournament


10am - 3pm



Two robots enter, one robot leaves!

Join us October 4th at the MIT Maker Faire to see robotic gladiators battle it out in a fully enclosed arena as seen on Battlebots and Robot Wars! Sparks will rain, parts will fly, and one robot will reign supreme!

Competitor or spectator, we welcome you! Meet the builders, see how these machines are made. No registration is needed for viewers but if you would like to compete or exhibit a robot please register using the link below.

Robotic Combat Registration Page


  • 8:00am - Walk-up registration, pits open
  • 9:00am - (Official Start) Walk-up registration, pits open, safety checks begin
  • 9:45am - Mandatory driver and pit crew meeting. First set of matches announced
  • 10:00am - Fights begin
  • 12:00am - Lunch break (1hr)
  • 3:00pm - Finals, rumbles, and award ceremonies!

Loading, Unloading:

If competitors or exhibitors would like to drop off their robots and equipment (as opposed to park and walk to the event), the designated loading/unloading area is available between 8:00am and 8:45am here off of Ames St. Please note that area will become general admission after 9:00am and vehicles will not be allowed to enter. Otherwise, you may have to park first and walk/cart your robots and equipment to the event. Unloading off the street is also possible but be prepared to work quickly as your vehicle cannot obstruct traffic on Ames St.


Maker Faire official event parking can be found here. Other locations both closer and further are possible but not guaranteed. Here is a list of publically available parking alternatives. 


The event is in the North Court near the Stata Center, specifically at this location. For purposes of GPS crunching, the following address can be used:

25 Ames St, Cambridge, MA, 02142

This is the address of building 66 on MIT campus


This event will use the NERC standard ruleset with any modifications to be declared at the driver’s meeting. Competition format TBD based on turnout.


  • Fully Autonomous robots will be granted a 100% weight bonus. Please note you must demonstrate autonomy to qualify and must allow a remote kill switch that failsafes properly.


No fees! Bring robots, bring friends, make friends, and have fun!


Winners of their weight class and weight class rumbes will win a spectacular trophy! Two additional trophies will be given for other attributes.

A huge thanks to Fingertech Robotics for donating their top of the line products as prizes for our competitors!


We will be using the NERC Insect arena for this event. It is approximately 8’ x 8’ and features a steel construction with ¼” polycarbonate walls to protect the audience yet allow unobstructed viewing.

Event Waiver:

Any person who enters the pit area must sign a release of liability separate from the Maker Faire liability forms. The waiver can be obtained at the event.

Show and Tell:

Own a robot larger than 1 lb or 3 lbs? Bring it anyway! Tell fellow makers about how you made your machine. Share war stories. Destroy computer parts! We would love to have your robots here!


For more information regarding the robot event, you may contact the EO directly

Jamison Go,


Check this page regularly. Subject to small changes.