The first ever MIT Mini Maker Faire on October 4, 2014!

Thanks to everyone who attended, and a special thanks to our 130 Makers and Maker Groups that exhibited at the MIT Mini Maker Faire! 

For the full schedule and map, with the list of makers, please click here (.pdf, 851kb).

We're still looking for help in putting this all together - Apply to be a Volunteer! Would you like to sponsor the MIT Mini Maker Faire? Please Contact us!

Some of our Featured Makers that were at the faire— 

Eric Haines created Mineways, "an open source, free program that helps you 3D print anything you built in Minecraft. "
The Artisan's Asylum is a non-profit community craft studio located in Somerville, Massachusetts.
Jessica Kramer combines natural elements like crystals and fossils to create unique jewelry items.
Dane Kouttron will be demonstrating the Flying Nimbus, a single-wheeled, self-balancing electric skateboard.
Ariel Segall will be teaching and demonstrating the old-fashioned art of hand-tooling designs into leather.
Nancy Ouyang is one of the founders of Narwhal Edu, making educational robots that teach programming, robotics and music!


Below, relive the experience through some of our favorite pictures captured by Cathy Zhou and Joshua Ramos, or click here for more